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Where families connect to write & share journal, and businesses willing to succeed get reviewed by affiliates in their circle. Join Corlif for free, and our dynamic marketing team to earn residual income.

Corlif is a social media platform. It is the best place to share interests, activities, backgrounds, or real-life connections exclusively with family members. Corlif let users to share ideas, pictures, posts, activities, events, and interests with family and close family friends, and let businesses affiliate beyond the normal scope.

Corlif is not just social media platform, it has unique feature impact which works to develop social connectivity for high-end business profit. Corlif has two different activities for the users; socially it creates a relation for families to build their family tree and businesses to connect directly with their customer.

Corlif has two working platform. One is family networking and the other is business affiliation. The platform is set for users to builds an online community, set their profile and connect with friends, family and colleagues. Corlif is a platform to increase awareness for a cause, for profitable business or venture and increase return on investment.

Corlif is open network and provides open platform for every users from everywhere in the world. Corlif is a multi-users networking platform for all family and business oriented people.


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Personalize your life’s journey, document every detail and let the heritage of your legacy be recorded or shared with family and friends in your personal Journal. Corlif Journal is not limited to only writing but also to connect to family and video chat. You can record conversations, take a snap shot and archive your story in a secure journal for present and future reference. Life is a treasure, journaling is a heritage and a priceless gift so start your journal, and by small or simple means, great things will unravel. Login to Corlif and download Corlif destop Journal for free.